How to start a blog on the lowest budget

Photo by Mikito Tateisi on Unsplash

I started blogging in June 2016. Since then I learned a lot about writing and setting up and maintaining my Wordpress sites.

I’m not the greatest blogger around (just yet) and as it comes to WordPress my technical skills may be average. Or even less than average. But I’m proud and happy to be writing on the lowest budget possible.

On I’ll let you in on my experiences in my journey so far. 

My style?

Short and simple. 

Who’s it for?

  • you’re thinking about starting blogging
  • you heard about WordPress and think about using it
  • you are using WordPress, but feel a bit stuck
  • You don’t want to spend all your money (if you have any) on themes and hosting
  • You feel interested in the whole thing of setting up your site but are a non-techie

Although it does take quite some time and energy to start and maintain a blog, it really does. The energy I get back from doing my thing, blogging on my own site is amazing 🙂 

Anyone who wants to bring content on the internet (like blogs, courses etc.) is very welcome! My aim is to give you an overall idea on what it’s like to have a website online, blogging on it and maybe earn some with it.

You would have to see me as a non-techie. I share with you what I know and will guide you also to a lot of other bloggers and companies who can tell you (much) more about a certain topic.

These are my categories (with many blogs in them) to help you get started.