blogging tips for beginners

Blogging tips for beginners

If you’re new with WordPress and blogging there’s a lot to learn. But the good thing is after you have your site online, your life as a blogger can start.

  • How to write my blogs?
  • Where to find inspiration for your blog?

How to write my blogs?

Just by doing.

And ‘just’ does not certainly mean writing is an easy job. Writing is getting your texts online, rewrite and checking them, until you are satisfied and then maybe feel ready to publish the post.

I felt a bit like a blogger when I published my first posts. But rereading the posts sometime later made me feel like an absolute beginner. I felt I was a bad writer. Nowadays I can enjoy my writing a bit more. And I just love the growing process. If I can improve my writing skills a little every day, I’m happy.

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My blogging tips for beginners are:

  • Work in drafts.
  • Don’t think too much when you write a draft.
  • Just write without judging the words and lines.
  • Just write.
  • Think a bit about the layout of your post.
  • Ad some headings.
  • Ad some photos and so.
  • Leave the draft alone for a bit.
  • Read your draft and start deleting, changing and rearranging the lot.
Inspiration and focus are what a blogger needs.
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Where to find inspiration for your blog?

Inspiration is all around us. You’ll probably follow some bloggers yourself. It’s good bloggers you’ll die for. And you’ll need their standard of writing to aim for.

Blogging can make anyone of us a writer. But does it mean we’re all good writers? It demands a lot of your focus, attention and time to write. And even if you spend all your time and attention on your blog, it’s still unsure if you have an audience. Time will tell. Just start writing and enjoy the ride!