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How do I change the theme of my WordPress site?

When you just started your WordPress site you likely want to change between themes. Many beginners are not yet sure which theme suits their business.

Will it harm my website when I choose another theme?

people behind laptop pointing at screen
Changing to another theme is very easy

You can change between themes as many times as you like. If you already made a menu structure and added some posts, they will automatically show up in the new theme of your choice.

Because of a different design, it may cause extra work. Your posts and pages may look different. Maybe it’s just what you want. But it can also mean you would have to alter some small things to make it look good.

How to change the WordPress theme in the dashboard?

Go to your dashboard and click on:

» Appearance
» Themes

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Then click on » Add New

You’ll then see thousands of WordPress themes. You can choose any of them.

Use the Feature Filter to select what you want for your theme.

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In the Feature Filter you can select the subject of your blog

  • E-Commerce
  • education
  • entertainment
  • food & drink
  • holiday
  • news
  • photography
  • portfolio

So, for example, if you want to start a food blog it is wise to select Food & Drink. The themes with this subject already have a design that is made for this type of blog.

Found a theme? You can click on Details & Preview to have a closer look at the theme.

» Install
» Activate

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