Make money blogging

Can you make money blogging? Yes you can.

The question is how? And can all bloggers get an income from blogging? And then what kind of income would that be?

It took me two years to get some steady (still low) income. My income model is one of having several blogs on a low budget. With these blogs, I earn from affiliate links.

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I started blogging in a time my financial situation wasn’t great. I had a day job and ended an online lingerie store which costs me more than it delivered in the end.

But I cannot picture myself without some kind of business, and I started a blog. I believe creative people always find a way to use their energy. Or will be sad when not doing so 🙁

So how do bloggers make money?

Make some money from your blog
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Maybe you spend less or a bit more than me on your site. In the end, most us want to earn a bit (or a bigger bit) of money as a blogger. Don’t we?

Content is King and that’s that.

Are there people who are interested in the content you’re proud of? Maybe yes. But a decent amount of visitors is nice, but will not promise a decent income, read more »

Make money while you sleep

Being a writer is hard
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Can you make money while you sleep? Who doesn’t want to be dreaming about affiliate income that just roles in? Automated!