Make money while you sleep

Can you make money while you sleep? Who doesn’t want to be dreaming about affiliate income that just roles in? Automated!

  • How to make money with affiliate marketing?
  • How long does it take to become an affiliate?
  • Can you really make money while you sleep?

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

The basics of being an affiliate are simple.

You publish content which enough people will read and have an interest in. Some of your visitors will click through a link you have put there. This is a link to a third party, a company or individual that has registered themselves as a partner. As a partner, they agree upon a percentage of the sale that might be the result after a visitor clicked on your link to them.

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So this is how many people with websites make money. Only a small percentage can make a living of this. Many people make none or little. But every one of us can start with affiliate marketing today. As long as you have your site online with some content on it.

Most affiliate partners will have to approve you first after you register. Your website has to have enough appeal to them.

How long does it take to become an affiliate?

To receive your actual first affiliate income it may take some time. But it can be done in let’s say about 3 months from the start. It could be one of your visitors ordered a product on Amazon or at any other shop you have an affiliate relationship with.

It took me about a year before I got some income. And then it was only very little.

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Everybody has a different start from the beginning. Maybe WordPress is new for you and this surely will take time. If your a born writer, that’s great. But many of us think they can write but realize soon that writing is a hard job. It took me some time to feel proud of what I wrote (alterations and deleting stuff are always a part of writing).

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Being a writer is hard
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Can you really make money while you sleep?

When I learn that I’ve made some affiliate money in a day that I wasn’t even working on my sites, I feel great!

It might be that a visitor clicked and ordered on a public holiday on which I wasn’t working.

And yes, the feeling of making money while I’m sleeping is a GOOD feeling. But overall it’s such a good feeling knowing I worked hard to get things done (and need sleep badly).

So yes, you can make money while you sleep. For most of us, it means hard work to get this far. To make a steady income you need a system based company (only yourself or with the help of others). And above all, you have to like the tough journey of having your site online and besides that have enough time and patience to write decent quality.

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