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Using WordPress plugins

When you start your blog you’ll be introduced to WordPress plugins right away. Only after installing WordPress you’ll see a few plugins are set for you in your WordPress dashboard. Using WordPress plugins comes with the fact your using WordPress. You can’t live without them.

The world of plugins is BIG so it can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t worry, there are a few things you need to know as a beginner with WordPress.

  • What is a plugin exactly?
  • How to install a WordPress plugin?
  • How many plugins can I use for my site?
What do plugins do for my website?
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What is a plugin exactly?

Plugins are little bits of software. They add a particular function within your site. This can be on different levels, like design, speed, SEO, or safety. So it’s is adding a function of your choice within your website.

Someone else (a company or an individual) has put a lot of effort into making the plugin, and it’s there just ready for you. No coding to be done. None at all. In just a few clicks you’ll have the full use of a plugin.

Many plugins come in a free version. Many of those free versions have a paid version as well. The paid version is more complete and will give you more functions.

How to install a WordPress plugin?

Go to » Plugins
Select » Add New and type the plugin you want in the search box

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Type the name of the plugin or just a word about a certain topic

Once you find the plugin:
» Install Now
» Activate

For some plugins, you would have to go to settings before you can actually use them. Every plugin has a tutorial, even the smaller ones will give details on how the plugin works.

How many plugins can I use for my site?

As many as you like. Well, yes you could but I wouldn’t recommend this. Using too many plugins will slow your site down. And a slow site will be less liked by Google.

So it’s best not to overdo the use of plugins. You might, however, be tempted to try and use several ones. Especially if you’re just starting a website.

I saw a tutorial some time ago, where I heard a woman telling to use no more than a dozen. I hear others talk about an amount of about twenty.

At this moment I have about fifteen plugins for each of my sites. It is my strive to go for a dozen. In the beginning, I had almost twenty-five plugins. I remember being really excited to try lots. Now I feel good when I can lose another plugin because I no longer have the need for it. You could say it’s best to go for ‘the less is more principle’.