notebook what to blog about

What to blog about?

It may seem so simple. You start a blog and start to write. You publish your posts and visitors start coming in.

Is it that easy?

  • How to know what to write about?
  • Is blogging easy?
  • Can I become a successful blogger?

How to know what to blog about?

Many people struggle to find a good topic to write about.

Successful bloggers may have chosen a topic they love to write about. It might have been a hobby that they know lots about. It could also be the story of a personal journey they might have experienced, or are still experiencing now.

The power of writing about something you have a passion for is enormous.

I know of bloggers that don’t write that well or want to save time and choose to outsource their content. They might even have not so much in common with a topic but do good research on what might sell well. They create a business around blogging sites. And maybe write for their personal blog only.

What is your goal? Does writing make you happy? Than write.

If writing is a constant struggle you might overthink it. Maybe you could let others do the writing or do something else altogether.

I have several affliate blog sites. I write about different things, like lingerie and affiliate marketing.

Both subjects I have a connection with. I owned a lingerie shop for about five years. In these days I learned a lot about bra sizing. My experience makes it easy to write about bras and things. I can think of hunderds of topics to write about. That’s a nice feeling.

notebook what to blog about
Find your best idea and write about it
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Two years ago I tried to write about sex toys. I thought why not? Why not focus on vibrators and things because there’s a lot of money going on in this business. My writing got stuck so I hired a blogger who wrote some posts. But I lost energy. It did not make me happy.

Is blogging easy?

I talked about writing as a constant struggle. And in a way it is.

Still I love to write, knowing the struggle is always there. In the end, working as a blogger gives me energy. I love to create, do the hard work, and improve myself a little every day.

If you want to work as a blogger you’ll just have to write and write. Get better and better each day. Learn from others. Find out what helps you as a writer.

Can I become a successful blogger?

If you have something to tell others, it might be as easy as that and you could become a successful blogger. Authenticity and hard work are still the base.

Goals can be different for each person. Maybe your not that interested in earning money with your blog. That’s perfectly fine. Your goal might be to attract readers and building an email list or grow followers on social media.

If you want to make some money or even planning to make a living out of blogging you would have to do research and explore your possibilities as you go along.