WordPress dashboard

The WordPress dashboard is from where you work on your website.

You write your posts here. You add or delete the pages for your menu. You do your settings. You get to your widgets from the dashboard. And you can add the plugins.

And there is more. Much more.

I’ve been working for more than 2 years with WordPress and still discover new functionalities in the dashboard. Things I didn’t know that they were possible, but maybe didn’t have a need for. But also things I would have liked to know sooner so I could have used them on my site straightaway.

If you first start your blog it is not necessary to know all of the WordPress dashboard. It would be too much anyway 🙁

Just learn the basics. I watch a lot of tutorials on YouTube. After you’ve installed your WordPress site several technical WordPress things will occur, which you have to solve. In this guide, I share with you my quick solutions for the things you encounter when first starting a blog.

What exactly is WordPress?

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Start your blog with WordPress today
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If you want to start your own blog or any other type of website you must have heard about WordPress (worldwide over 30% of sites are based on WordPress). But what exactly is WordPress?

  • What’s the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?
  • How much does WordPress cost?
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What is Gutenberg?

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Gutenberg is the newest version of the WordPress editor. It was available from the beginning of December 2018 together with the release update of WordPress 5.0.

What is Gutenberg in short?

Should I use this new editor instead of the classic editor?

What are the pros and cons of Gutenberg?

How to change the author name in your blog?

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WordPress will automatically show the username that you entered when installing WordPress. This is usually not the name you want your readers to see.

In Dashboard you will find the section Users. This is where you should go.

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