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Choosing a WordPress theme can feel like a tough challenge when starting a blog. Or the most simple thing there is. Tell you more about it later…

You can spend all your time looking at themes, trying some out and buying maybe one. Finding out later, it wasn’t just what you were looking for. And your search goes on.
All your precious time gone out of the window 🙁

Well, that’s not entirely true of course. Because when it comes to themes it is important to try and find out. A game of trial and error you might say.

Working with a theme gives you the chance to write your blogs and get friends with the WordPress Dashboard.

It’s ok to select a theme you find attractive and think your potential visitors might find too.

It’s ok to go for a theme with all the functionalities you like for yourself.

Picture this!

You have landed on a site where you find a beautifully written blog. You decide not to miss the next blog and put yourself on the mailing list.

What was it for you to decide to stick on. Was the theme this ugly? Or was it because the theme was this beautiful (so even bad text would look like it was sent from heaven?)

What I mean to say.

Content is king and the theme should support the feel and the functionalities needed.

Work on your content and set your goals. The right theme will then follow your needs. Not the other way around. I like to look at it as a more natural process.

Well, this looks good just by reading it. Why bother choosing another theme?

Choosing a WordPress theme

what wp theme to choose
Shopping a WordPress theme is like shopping in a candy store
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How to design a blog?

Shop till you drop…
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There are a couple of many thousand WordPress themes on the market.

After installing WordPress you immediately have the use of a free theme that comes with uploading your website.

The free WordPress default team of 2019 Twenty Nineteen is designed to be adaptable to a wide range of websites, whether you’re running a photo blog, launching a new business, or supporting a non-profit.

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How to make a logo for free?

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Of course, you can make a logo for free. Maybe you’re a natural and manage to impress with your design. For most of us, it can be quite a job to do yourself.