Writing blogs

I always liked writing. When I was around twenty years I wrote some short stories. And I used to dream about writing a book and get the writer’s life which seemed pretty romantic to me…

And working my own hours. Beeing independed. Yes!

For more than 20 years I used my writing skills in my jobs, working for companies. As a coach, besides from talking to people, I need to write about it as well. About 3 years ago I started with my first blog about lingerie for small cups. I have had an online lingerie store some years which I ended.

Knowing a lot about bras and bra sizing I decided I’d better write about a topic I knew something about.

I now have several topics I write about. I learned that I should stick to the topics that I find interesting myself, or know a bit (or a lot) about already.

I started writing blogs and ended one or two. For example a blog on sex toys. My writing here was so-so and I hired a writer and she did great, however, I missed the real drive to take it to a level of some kind.

You can come up with ideas and let other people write your texts. A lot of companies and bloggers hire in the help of other (good) writers. Only you can set the goal for your blog.

Find out what suits you. What makes you happy?

Writing itself isn’t always that romantic. It is actually hard work you have to put in. But I find writing a fascinating process. Addicting really.

How to write a blog post?

Writing blogs your way!
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You get your lines into this post on your WordPress site and you wait. Waiting for Google to find it and make visitors be able to stumble upon your blog. And to read your blog (you hope).

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How often should I blog?

Writing is the real hard work of blogging
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You could get confused finding out what other bloggers advice you to do. It could make you feel stressed because good writing usually takes quite a lot of time. Maybe you don’t have that amount of time or something just got in the way of you publishing your next blog in time.

What to blog about?

notebook what to blog about
Find your best idea and write about it
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It may seem so simple. You start a blog and start to write. You publish your posts and visitors start coming in.

Is it that easy?

Blogging tips for beginners

blogging tips for beginners

Inspiration and focus!
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If you’re new with WordPress and blogging there’s a lot to learn. But the good thing is after you have your site online, your life as a blogger can start.